Base Material


The raw material we use is hot-dip zinc-coated steel sheet. The key characteristic indicator of strength of steel sheet is thickness of its zinc coat, not only thickness of steel blank.

The thin steel sheet we offer has a zinc cost 275 – 350 gr/m2 thick. In the course of installation and exploitation, damages to the zinc coat should be avoided, as it leads to rapid corroding of the sheet.

To extend the period of use, coated sheet steel is also produced with the zinc layer additionally coated with different colours or plastic finish.

These will secure the outward appearance of your roof, facade, rainwater systems etc. and increase their durability for decades.



The steel roof is 10 times lighter than the tiled roof, which is why the substructure does not have to be so massive and expensive. Thus the steel roof is recommended for renovated buildings, where it is not advisable to renovate the substructures. The steel roof, unlike the tiled roof, can be used in the case of a very flat slope!

The profiled tiles are panels measured with precise linear measure and can be installed up to 10 m2 at a time. Therefore it is possible to lay a large surface in a short period of time!

Weather proof
The steel roof endures large temperature fluctuations. It is not a porous material and does not allow moss and breaking up as a result of water and ice accumulated in pores.

Paint range
Our paint range colour card allows you to choose between ca 25 different colour shades.

The steel roof is less expensive due to its quick installation and lighter roofing structure as compared to different other types of roofing.


Steel roofs clang
Many of our potential clients consider this a drawback of the steel roof. The experience has proved though that the rattle caused by precipitation is irritating in buildings, which lack thermal insulation under the roof, the underlay, floor, i.e. where the steel plate is visible from underneath. We may say that in that case all roofing materials will clang. For dwelling houses, the level of noise caused by precipitation is significantly lower than norm.

Steel roofs are sensitive to storms
The corrugated sheeting installed in accordance with the norms (i.e. in the area within 1 m distance from the eaves, ridge and gables, there is compact screw spacing) is not sensitive to any storm or tempest. It is important to have a professional installer do the roofing work!

Steel roofs requires smooth purlins
This so to say “drawback” is true, for the purlins which have not been properly lined up, will cause a wavy roof. It is advisable to use the professional roof installation service!