Coating thickness
Weather resistance
Corrosion resistance
Temperature durability
Min. working



Coating thickness: 50 μm
This is a polyurethane based paint coating. Excellent material for the manufacture of roof and wall sheets. Its ultraviolet ray durability is very high, as well as the low temperature workability and chemical stability. The coating warranty is 20 years. Wide range of colours.


Coating thickness: 50 μm
Overall thickness of material: 0,50mm…0,60mm
This is a polyester based surface coating. Unlike PUR coating, it does not have polyurethane. The properties of NOVA coating are precisely the same as those of PUR – excellent workability, weather durability, chemical stability. Nova has the same colour range as PUR. Warranty is 20 years.
Manufacturer: SSAB (Sweden)


Coating thickness: 25…27 μm
Overall thickness of material: 0,45mm / 0,50mm*
This is a polyester based surface coating. Good for use in roof and wall coatings that are not faced with elevated demands. The most widely used material in Europe (also in Estonia). Polyester is a surface coating which has been used in manufacture for the longest period of time, and which is therefore the most highly-developed and used surface coating. Polyester surface cover will bleach uniformly over time, depending on the amount of sunlight, but this does not affect corrosion resistance of the material.*) Some colour shades are available also in 0,50mm overall thickness, which imparts the products enhanced inflexibility and durability.

PVC Plastisol

Coating thickness: 175 μm
Overall thickness of material: 0,50mm
Polyvinyl chloride based surface coating. First-class workability material. Does not endure well UV-rays, but then has good corrosion resistance even in the most difficult environmental conditions (industrial and seaside areas). The PVC Plastisol surface coating is used in manufacture of rainwater systems. The coating warranty is 10 years. In roofs and walls though we advise to use Pur or Nova coatings instead of PVC.


Coating thickness: 27μm
Overall thickness of material: 0,50mm
Polyvinyl chloride based surface coating. First-class colour shade long-last durability, which is why we advise you to use it first and foremost in wall cladding sheets, and less often for roofs. The PVDF surface coating is recommended when precisely the colour long-last durability demands are especially high. One drawback to this coating is its susceptibility to scratches. The coating warranty is 10 years.


Overall thickness of the most widely used material: 0,45mm / 0,50mm / 0,60mm
Thickness of zinc coat: 275 g/m² … 350 g/m²
The zinc-coated steel sheeting is used in situations when the surface coatings are not faced with special demands. NB! All surface coatings mentioned above are zinc-coated too, when at the stage of steel plate blank!!! The thickness of zinc coat affects the durability of products. The building standards in Estonia and Finland require the thickness of zinc coat to be 275 g/m².