Help when asking for a price and making the order

Choose one of the corresponding models of the roof and fill in the measurment data (measures are in mm!)
If there is no model of the roof what fits yours, or the exact measures are not available, or You do not want the exact price, then press any model of the roof and fill in only the field of additional data!

Description of the process

  • For the first step please choose the profile model for the roof: stone profile, trapezium profile or seamed roof.
  • For the next please choose the coating: zincked, polyester, mat polyester, PUR or PVC.
  • For the last please choose the color you like, which is marked with RR. To avoid any misunderstanding, please also use words to describe the color you choose.
  • Toode Ltd then calculates the price of the profiles and additional elements needed, based on the information you provided. The aim of the calculation is to specify as exact as possible and less leftovers construction for the roof. More complicated roof constructions are calculated by the computer program and in this case the customer will receive the drawings for the roof coating construction materials on paper.
  • The using of the information for the calculations as described above needs that all the information regarding the roof profile and measures is provided. If there is some information you are not able to provide, then please leave the corresponding field empty!

Once more the information needed for the exact offer:

model of profile

  • the drawing with as exact measures as possible about every side of the roof (the drawing is correct, when you are able to draw every side of the roof without the questions)
  • when the order includes the rainwater piping system, the cross-section of the eaves, the distace of the roff from the ground and the distance of the vertical pipes from the walls are needed (horisontal cross-cut drawing)
  • The pictures and other information can be sent by fax, delivered to the sales units of Toode Ltd or sent by e-mail. It provides much help when sending digital pictures, from which the sales representative often gets a lot of good information to make the exact offer. When using fax, please write text, figures and lines in bold.

PS., and users. If You did not get from us the price offer, please check Your e-mail recycle Bin, because sometimes the valuable e-mails can be moved by accident to it!