Flat Sheets


We use the products from factories of Finland, Germany and Sweden. Such as hot-dip zinc-coated flat sheets with zinc, polyester, matt polyester, pur, PVC and PVDF coatings. Unprocessed rolls are 1250mm wide, one roll weighs ca 5 tons.


We panel the flat sheet in dimensions as desired by our client. The dimensions of the panel have to be compatible with the width of the raw material 1250mm. Small amounts (10-15 m2) are paneled as waiting order. The panels up to 3000mm long are supplied with pallets, with single sheets and longer rolls wrapped up.


We also offer flat sheets wrapped up into rolls. We have in stock rolls 1250mm wide. There are 20 linear meters in a roll, i.e. 25m2 of flat sheet. If needed, we can cut rolls of other length.


Automated stripping machine-tool cuts the blank pipe into suitable strips of 1250 width. The strips are supplied in rolls.