• The loan is suitable for the purchase and installation of solar panels to your house, roof or land.
  • The fixed interest rate is only 4.9%.
  • No need for a down payment or collateral.
  • There is an option for early repayment free of charge.
  • Loan period up to 10 years.
  • Fill out the loan application on the Internet Bank.

The loan is provided by Swedbank AS. Read more about the terms and conditions and consult with an expert. The annual percentage rate of charge is 5.39% under the following model conditions: loan amount €10,000, fixed interest 4.9%, agreement fee €100, loan term 7 years, number of repayments 84, repayment amount €11,860.13, total credit cost €1,860.13, total amount of credit €11,960.13.

Link to Swedbank’s page

If you want a loan for solar panels as a business client, you can apply for it on Swedbank’s business client offers page


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