Warrenty Terms And Conditions

1. General terms

1.1. Warrantor: AS Toode, Kasasalu 2, 76505 Saue, Harju County, Estonia

1.2. Hereby AS Toode provides warranty (hereinafter: the Warranty) for the following profiles and coatings:

– Tiled profile, tiled Extra, TP15, TP20, TP45, Classic, rolled metal roof (hereinafter: corrugated roofing and wall coatings);
– Corrugated roofing and wall coatings of thin sheet metal with polyester (PE), PUR, PURMATT, PuralBT, MattPuralBT, PVDF2, PVC, Nova and MattNova coatings.

1.3. The Warranty is classified as following:
– Coating warranty – warranty that covers peeling of the coating, uneven changes in the shade of color and other changes related to the coating.
– Technical warranty – warranty that covers everything related to corrosion penetrating the metal sheet. It does not cover the cut edges of the products and basic materials.

1.4. The Warranty is valid on territories of Republic of Estonia, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Finland, Kingdom of Sweden and Kingdom of Norway

1.5. Warranty period is following:

– PUR, PurMatt – coating warranty 20 years, technical warranty 50 years;
– Pural BT, MattPural BT – coating warranty 25 years, technical warranty 50 years;
– Nova, MattNova – coating warranty 15 years, technical warranty 30 years;
– Polyester (PE) and Printech – coating warranty 10 years, technical warranty 30 years;
– PVDF2 (Hiarc) – coating warranty 25 years, technical warranty 40 years;
– PVC – coating warranty 10 years, technical warranty 30 years
– Coating warranty is not provided for zinc-coated and AL-Zn-coated products, technical warranty for them is 30 years.

1.6. For coating warranty, differences in effect of the sunshine are taken into account in specifying the warranty period for a paint layer (Coating warranty). The effect of heat and UV radiation increases when moving towards south and west. Life period of the paint is also affected by the usage. For example, roof color is more affected by sunbeams than the wall color. Similarly, the sheet near the insulating subsurface heats up more than a profile sheet. In that case the air can relieve the effect of the heat. The Warranty is applicable only in case the paint system is used for the intended purpose.

1.7. For zinc-coated and AL-Zn-coated products, the Warranty for penetration resistance (Techical warranty) is 30 years. Primarily due to maritime climate, there is a risk zone where speed of corrosion can be higher. Higher corrosion risk can also occur locally. Such places include sea coves that reach far in the inland. Release of sulphur during burning oil with high sulphur content is a rare phenomenon but it can happen and in that case, it creates a corrosive environment. In these places, the owner of the property will undertake to constantly monitor the condition of the building. Presumably, a sheet should be cleaned with water in areas with higher risk of corrosion if the rain has no access to the sheet.
This warranty is not applicable to environments that belong to the corrosion category C5 in accordance with the standard EN 10169:2010.

2. Extent and restrictions of the Warranty

2.1. Warranty covers products’ and applications’ paint durability, peeling and metal perforation due to oxidation and is applied to products with standard color in compliance with the color cards. Pursuant to the terms and conditions, the manufacturer of the basic material guarantees that the paint coating will not peel off or crack in any other way during the warranty period, and it will not have any unusual changes in shades of color, and the sheet will not have any perforation due to oxidation as a result of leakages. Polyester surface cover will bleach uniformly over time, depending on the amount of sunlight, but this does not affect corrosion resistance of the material. The warranty period is calculated as from the date the product is delivered to the construction site or 18 months after the production date depending on which of the set terms comes earlier.

2.2. In order to apply the coating warranty, the damage to paint coating should be more than 5% of the roof or wall surface. The warranty does not apply to protective varnish on the backside, perforation due to oxidation of the backside covered with protective varnish or to the surfaces treated with the finishing paint. Edge corrosion on uncoated cut edges is a natural process, which appears on hot-galvanized steel surfaces that come into contact with the external environment, and usually this cannot be the basis for making a claim. The warranty does not cover usage of the product in extremely corrosive environment as well as the situations where the sheet has constant contact with water or corrosive chemicals, fumes, condensation, ash, cement dust or animal excrements can affect the sheet surface.

2.3. Restrictions where the warranty is not applicable are the following cases:

– roof pitch or that of any other surface is less than 1:16 (3.6°) and water cannot freely flow away from all surfaces;
– the sheet and its coating layer have chemical or mechanical damages;
– products have been cut with abrasive cutting blades;
– surface coating has been in contact with the sparkles from the cutting blades;
– some metal components have been left on the surface of the products after processing (cutting dust etc);
– the contractor or the owner has not covered the processing damage, weakening the paint coating, with a finishing paint;
– the end product has damages produced by the manufacturer or installer as a result of processing;
– the sheet has not been kept in dry or it has been used or stored in contact with corrosive materials or close to them;
– The sheet has had contact with copper or a liquid flowing in copper pipes;
– dirt or other sediments and areas sheltered from rain have not been professionally removed or cleaned at least once a year;
– annual inspection has not been carried out and maintenance has not been documented;
– contact with uncured concrete or plaster, wet wood or surface has not been avoided;
– a written complaint has not been sent to the manufacturer within six months as from the moment the defect was detected or should have been detected;
– the warranty does not apply to damage caused during transport, storage, handling by the client or installation;
– the warranty does not apply to damage caused by a chemical reaction between the product and any other construction element (structures, fasteners, etc);
– any damage penetrating the surface coating should be covered immediately with a correcting paint.

2.4. Additional restrictions for long panes, where the Warranty is not applicable in the following case:
– the extension seal has damaged the sheet surface.

2.5. Additional restrictions for rainwater system, where the Warranty is not applicable in the following case:
– the pitch of the gutter is less than 2.5 mm/m.

2.6. Additional restrictions for other roof- and wall-related products, where the Warranty is not applicable in the following case:
– fastening and insulating materials not compatible with the corresponding corrosion class have been used.

3. Rights and obligations arising from the Warranty;

3.1. The Warranty provides the buyer in case of the Warranty a right to demand delivery of new sheet or other materials or costs of repainting of the defective sheet.

3.2. AS Toode is entitled to choose at its own discretion whether to cover partly or fully the costs of repainting the defective sheet (depending on the age of the sheet) or it will deliver a new sheet to the buyer free of charge to compensate for the defect. In case of corrosion of the sheet due to a leakage, the damaged sheets will be compensated for. The liability for covering a cost due to warranty is limited to the value of the defective sheet shown on the original invoice. Unless specified differently in these terms and conditions of the Warranty, AS Toode is in no way liable for direct and indirect damage due to the damage related to this warranty. The warranty period for coating or repainting of the respective sheet shall begin again upon repainting or delivery of new sheet.

3.3. The Warranty does not include direct or indirect costs of delivering of new sheet or other materials. Also the Warranty does not include direct of indirect costs or reimbursement of replacing works the new sheets or other materials

4. Procedure for exercising the rights arising from the Warranty

4.1. For submitting the Warrany claim, the buyer shall turn to the warrantor AS TOODE (toode@toode.ee or AS Toode, Kasasalu 2, 76505 Saue, Harjumaa, Republic of Estonia or by phone +372 8007000).

4.2. Precondition for the Warranty claim is that the sheet or other material can be identified based on number of the order and invoice or other document which indicates purchase of the sheet or other material shall be provided.

4.3. AS TOODE shall examine the Warranty claim and will fulfill its warranty obligation according to hereby terms and conditions.

4.4. Hereby terms and conditions of the warranty does not limit the rights of the buyer arising from law or the contract.

In addition to the warranty, we would like to draw your attention to the following technical specifications:

  1. Thickness of the surface coating (polyester coating 27 microns, PUR and MattNova coatings 50 microns).
  2. Mass of zinc layer (zinc-coated surface coatings 350 g/m², under a paint coating 275 – 350 g/m²).
  3. You should carefully follow the content and terms and conditions of the warranties provided by the companies. Life period is not a warranty and vice versa
  4. Steel grade – profiled steel, bearing profile steel, steel of rainwater systems includes materials with different yield strength.
  5. Environment categories, which environment the product is used in.
  6. Attributed to the owner CE marking.
  7. Thickness of the steel